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Whether you snore or grind your teeth through the night, general dentist Richard A. Harmetz, DDS can help. He prescribes custom-fitted mouthguards designed to help alleviate chronic sleep apnea-related snoring or put an end to nighttime grinding. To find out more, call his San Diego office today or book an appointment online at any time.

Night Guard Q & A

Do I need a night guard?

If your jaw is tender and achy when you wake up, you could be grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw in your sleep. In some cases, the pain may give you a toothache or a headache, too. This condition is referred to as bruxism. Bruxism can affect adults, teens, and children.

Dr. Harmetz can help alleviate the symptoms of bruxism by designing a night guard that you wear on your teeth while you sleep. Using an impression of your teeth, he creates a high-quality night guard that's unique to your teeth and mouth. Since the night guard is designed and made just for you, it's comfortable enough to wear while you sleep and prevents you from grinding your teeth.

Over time, if you don't wear a night guard and continue to grind your teeth, you run the risk of damaging your teeth. You might find yourself in need of veneers, crowns, or other cosmetic dental work, especially if you harm your permanent teeth.

What is a snore guard?

A snore guard is an anti-snoring dental device that fits inside the mouth to help prevent snoring. It's designed to remedy mild to moderate cases of obstructive sleep apnea. After assessing your sleep apnea and snoring symptoms, Dr. Harmetz can recommend the best, most effective type of snore guard for you.

Do I have sleep apnea?

Constant snoring may be a sign of sleep apnea. Snoring isn't the chief cause for concern when it's related to sleep apnea. What's more important is the domino effect snoring can have on a sufferer's well-being. Adults with sleep apnea often suffer from waking episodes and sleep disturbances that could lead to dangerous health issues if left untreated.

How can wearing a snore guard benefit me?

When designed to fit your mouth, a snore guard can substantially reduce the most troubling side effects of mild to moderate sleep apnea. Sleeping with a snore guard can lead to:

  • Enhanced airflow
  • Healthier sleep patterns
  • Less frequent snoring
  • Softer snoring

Do you grind your teeth or snore loudly enough to interrupt your sleep? Dr. Harmetz can improve the quality of your sleep with custom night guards and snore guards. Call his San Diego office today or request an appointment online at any time.